Welcome to the world, piglets!

Well, Agnes was a total rock star today and farrowed the first ever 100% USDA certified organic pure mangalitsa piglets in the entire world! Since this was our first farrowing, we really didn’t have any clue what to expect. After getting her due date wrong by about 11 days, we finally saw signs that farrowing was going to begin. Her vulva turned nice and pink about 3 days ago. Then yesterday we got some colostrum from her teets. This morning, before the farmer’s market, we checked in on Agnes and noticed she was contracting. We put Dotsie on high alert. At 9:00 am, Agnes gave birth to one stillborn piglet. Despite our efforts, we couldn’t get that first piglet to take a breath. After trying for what seemed like forever, we sadly sat the first piglet aside and kept our hopes up for the rest. About every 15 minutes, Agnes would give us a good push and another piglet. After 4 live piglets, she stalled. She was still contracting, but having some trouble getting that babe out of there. We waited about 45 minutes and made a phone call to the vet (again… our first time, so we were taking every precaution). Our awesome vet told us to keep at it and give her another hour. About 20 minutes later, she finally gave us her last little piglet. Almost immediately, she finally pushed out a pretty impressive amount of placenta. With that, Agnes started to relax. Her breathing calmed down and she started snorting to her piggies. We kept an eye on her to make sure she was done. We ended up with 5 amazing little blonde mangalitsa piglets! Check out the pictures below!

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