Meet Our Farmers

Ben Hoffman

BenBen is our farm owner and resident Chicken Whisperer. When he’s not feeding, watering, or talking to our chickens, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Natalie. In addition to being a chicken farmer, Ben is also a general contractor specializing in medical construction. He’s a self-admitted workaholic who actually enjoys working – weird, right?

Natalie Hoffman

Zehr-42Natalie is our Bookkeeper and Marketing/Social Media Manager (AKA, our Social Chicken). She enjoys spending time with her two kids, Zach and Calissa, and her husband Ben. In addition to handling the books, marketing and social media needs for our farm, Natalie also drives a school bus and runs her own photography company called Blue Umbrella Photography. Natalie obviously wrote this page and is shameless about using our farm website to plug her own photography company. (Hi, mom).


Dotsie Hoffman

8L3A5230Dotsie is Ben’s mom. She’s our farm helper and resident Chicken Singer. If you ever meet her, don’t let her gray hair fool you! Dotsie can be found on any given day doing the work of 4 people around our farm. You can also find Dotsie in the fields during feeding time with a chicken held right up to her shoulder – singing a bunch of random songs that we’ve never heard before in our lives but the chickens seem to love! It’s a sight to be seen for sure and we plan on capturing these moments on video this year for everyone to enjoy!