How We Keep Our Land Certified Organic

Basically, we’re pretty darn lucky. To give you an idea of how we can have certified organic land without worry about pesticide overspray from neighboring farms, our farm is perfectly sandwiched between FOUR awesome environmental preservation sites.

acresThe first is Acres Land Trust. The Tom and Jane Nature Preserve is 71 acres of perfectly preserved nature trails. Acres works tirelessly to preserve the forest and wildlife right next door to our farm. We have always been a huge supporter of Acres and we have a great appreciation for that which they stand. And we’re not the only ones. Everyone who lives on Chapman Road in little Huntertown, Indiana respects and appreciates being surrounded by protected land. It really is very beautiful!


girls-scoutsOn the other side of our farm is the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana. Their land is also preserved for teaching girls in our community the skills and knowledge to develop a great appreciation for animals and nature. The Agnes S. McMillen Camp has been a fixture in our community for decades. With 103 acres of preserved nature, it is home to what is believed to be the second largest sycamore tree in the state of Indiana! We hear it’s also where some of the world’s best cookies salesgirls train during the off season. Although we can’t prove it, we’re pretty sure they go through classes to practice being as adorable as possible while asking you to buy their cookies.


izaak-waltonBehind our farm is the Issak Walton League. Their mission statement: “To conserve, maintain, protect and restore the soil, forest, water and other natural resources of the United States and other lands; to promote means and opportunities for the education of the public with respect to such resources and their enjoyment and wholesome utilization.” We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves! Also a gun range, the Izaak Walton League has recently undergone an AMAZING upgrade to their pistol and rifle range. It is state of the art and a wonderful way to continue serving the outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen in our little Northeast corner of Indiana!


sugar-bushFinally, on the north side of our farm is Yoder Maple Syrup Farm (Also known as “The Sugar Bush”). Yoder Farm is notorious in our community for their totally awesome maple syrup (it’s really very good and we’re not just saying that). If you went to elementary school in Allen County, chances are you’ve taken a field trip there! The Sugar Bush is a member of the Acres Land Trust and they preserve their property according to the mission of Acres. Like us here at Hoffman Organics, the Yoders do things old school! It’s like stepping back in time to a place where hard work and heavy lifting showed in the quality of a product!

As you can see – we are very lucky to have such awesome preservationists as neighbors! Part of our mission is to ensure that our farm adheres to not only the USDA Organic regulations, but also the mission of our neighbors: To protect, preserve and maintain an environment that encourages the education, conservation and appreciation of nature and wildlife.